Ensuring Sustainable Development For Livelihoods

Building safe and resilient livelihoods for marginalised women

CARE India’s Livelihood mandate works with the women engaged in smallholder agriculture, small businesses or employed as farm or non-farm labour. Implementing a range of innovative initiatives, we help women build secure and resilient livelihoods and climb out of poverty permanently. The key approaches adopted in livelihood sector initiatives include capability enhancement, asset building, collectivisation, inclusive value chain development and engagement of men and other influential actors.


Individuals reached directly through livelihood interventions across 12 states, out of which 144,709 are women.


Households supported to transition to clean energy cooking solutions under SDG 7.


Individuals received support for inclusive and sustainable economic opportunities and to have decent work (SDG 8).


CARE India worked with 33,972 people to overcome hunger and poverty (SDG 1).


To enhance resilience of communities arising from climate-based vulnerabilities, CARE India reached 3,962 individuals with Climate Smart agriculture interventions (SDG 13).


1,163 smallholder cotton growing farmers shifted to waste-water reduction technique in Buldana district of Maharashtra.


348 smallholder organic cotton growing farmers have improved soil fertility with reduction of excessive chemical inputs in Buldana district of Maharashtra.